Eliminate Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

This treatment improves the skins clarity and condition by using fruit enzymes which will leave the skin looking bright, clean and smooth. Is suitable for all skin types.

The large blue vein running down the side of my calf is gone, and the ugly blue network on the back of my knee has been diminished.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a procedure with liquid nitrogen that destroys the top layer of skin by freezing. Cryotherapy is used by dermatologists to treat actinic keratoses and warts.

What is Cautery?

Curettage and cautery (electrosurgery) is a procedure in which your dermatologist scrapes off a skin lesion and applies heat to the skin surface.

What is Cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is a surgical technique that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin.

Why is it done?

Sclerotherapy is often done for:

  • Cosmetic purposes — to improve the appearance of varicose and spider veins

The procedure also can improve related symptoms such as:

  • Aching
  • Swelling
  • Burning
  • Night cramps
After sclerotherapy, treated veins tend to fade within a few weeks, although occasionally it may take a month or more to see the full results.

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