Non-Surgical Face Lift

Facial Toning

Quick results using CACI non-surgical facelift, using a micro current which helps to tone the muscles by re-educating the muscles back their original place. The facial can also help to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles which gives the skin a much firmer and lifted finish. Firmness is re-established through this procedure by correcting the sagging muscles.

The CACI jowl concentrates more on the jowl area which can be the targeted area; this helps to lift the main muscles in the cheeks and jowl to give a quick pick me up. The CACI jowl is a great treatment for anyone who has cosmetic treatments, (e.g. Botox, fillers).

Need to think of four sub headings we can use for this facial, maybe something like, 1) firm skin,  2) the science behind the CACI, 3) advantages of having the CACI, 4) Results of treatment.

Firm skin

This facial is a great facial to keep the skin and muscles firm. This facial uses a micro current which stimulates the muscles re-teaching the muscles to stay where they should. The muscles feel worked, and the face looks more firmer and lifted.

The science behind CACI

The micro current used in the facial helps to wake up the muscles by using the CACI buds which hold on the muscles whilst the micro current travels into the skin picking up the muscles. A metallic taste can occur due to the micro current travelling into the skin but there really are no side effects.

Advantages of having CACI

Results are quick, so normally after the first one, results can be noticed. A CACI Jowl Lift has also been introduced working on the cheeks and jowl for a quick pick me up anytime of the day. The facial leaves the skin with a natural looking lift, no one would even tell. Other facials can be performed alongside the CACI with no interference.

Recommended number of courses

For optimum results a course of 12 is recommended which would be done every week for 12 weeks, a result can be seen on the first facial but as it is new to the muscles results sometimes can be temporary so having a course will give the muscles an better understanding and give a firm finish that will last forever.

A course of 12 is normally recommended, and this is normally a week in between each facial.


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